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Mission:  Organizes holiday decorations for the Summit Communities to include neighborhoods, commercial, Hardscrabble Road and Clemson Road entrances.  This committee shall also be responsible for coordinating activities for the entire Summit Community to include funding for neighborhood annual activities.  These activities must provide something for entire neighborhood participation.  This committee will not fund any activity/event that will include the serving of alcoholic beverage.
Danny Trapp, Chair, Netra Adams, Margaret Barzey,  Verna Green, Jackie Hong, Sandra McGee-Dodd, and Patricia Pollin.
Mission:Provides oversight to SCA Contracting Procedures, consults with and gived advice to the Property Manager concerning contracting matters of Service Providers that do work in The Summit.  This Committee reviews all Contracts prior to the Board of Directors voting to accept or reject Contracts and gives counsel to the Board.  The Contracts Committee is empowered to evaluate Contract performance each year and to make recommendations to the Board and Property Manager.
Justin Martin  , Chair, Billie Jones, Lisa Sharrard & Cliff Wilson

Mission: This committee oversees the enforcement of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for the Summit, and advises The Summit Association Office on matters pertaining to the issuance of Covenant Violation Notices. The committee also, as required or requested, proposes changes to existing covenants, conditions, or restrictions, or drafts new such as necessary to maintain The Summit community as a safe and appealing community which promotes visual and social harmony, safety, and peaceful enjoyment of property. 
Jeff Lummel, Chair, Cynthia Berry,  Michael Bryant, Roger Longenecker and Dennis Rybicki.

Mission: The purpose of the Committee is to minimize energy consumption by reviewing reports, monitoring requirements and seeking new technology for conservation.
Norm Stewart, Chairperson Kristie O'Brian- Co-Chairperson, & Paul Hill-Co-Chairperson

Mission: Provides advice, support and guidance to the Board for addressing approved fiscal accountability, management, and maximization of funds received by the Association. This committee is responsible for establishing an annual budget, reviewing financial audit reports, monthly income and expense analysis, and recommending improvements for Board’s approval.
Paul Hill, Chair, Michael Bryant,  Vernell Butler, Auby Dellinger, Mary Ann Game, Billie Jones, Jeff Lummel, Norm Stewart and Demetrius Wharton.

Mission: The mission of the Landscaping Committee is to ensure that the common and natural areas within the properties of the Summit Community Association are maintained in a manner that is acceptable to residents. Jeff Lummel, Chair

Mission: The Modification Committee is responsible for ensuring that all exterior modifications, alterations and additions meet the current Summit Community guidelines during inspections of all completed approved projects.  They review all 201 modification forms submitted for consideration and approval for workmanship, design, and its compatibility with existing community structures, locations, topography, and finish grade elevation.  The committee conditionally approves or rejects all requests prior to work beginning and gives final approval upon its completion.
Justin Martin, Chair, Pat Hill ,Jesse McClinton, Kristie O'Brian, Danielle Scandrol, and James Glenn.


Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Mary Ann Game, Chair, Andrea Cavanaugh, Justin Martin, Vicki McCarthy, Sandra Mcgee-Dodd, & Patricia Pollin 

Summit Assets

Mission: This Sub-committee, is responsible for establishing a balanced annual budget, and presenting it to The Summit Community Association, Inc. Board of Directors for approval. The budgeting process considers input from all levels and includes members from the general community.
OPEN, Chair

Mission:The mission of the Projects Subcommittee is to receive capital and replacement project requests, analyze cost and prioritize all proposed projects.
Auby DellingerPaul Hill,  Co-Chairs, Mary Ann Game, Jeff Lummel,  Justin Martin, Lisa Sharrard, Gregory Thomas, Danny Trapp and Cliff Wilson. 

Mission: Is responsible for identifying unsafe conditions that exist in the amenity areas and reporting these findings to the Association Board of Directors along with recommendations for rectifying the problems.
Paul Hill, Chair, Clynton Barzey, Auby Dellinger,Mary Ann Game,  Denise Heimlich, and Karen Kranz.

Mission: The Neighborhood Committee is responsible for creating an environment that will increase property values, promote safer neighborhoods, address problems/complaints promptly, and foster communication within neighborhoods and with the Summit Community Association, Inc.
Open, Chair, Jackie Brown and Doris Covert.

Mission: Is responsible for providing maintenance oversight to all Summit Ponds and Lakes, dams and spillways to their established maintenance standard. They recommend to the Board of Directors any needed changes in Pond and Lake Guidelines or Maintenance Standards. They supply committee manpower to undertake special projects or activities that affects ponds and lakes in the Summit. This committee will co-ordinate with the Property Manager and the Landscaping Committee in establishing and maintaining the aquatic standard set for each body of water.
Jeff Lummel,  Chairperson  Deanzer Burnette, Chris Danner, Levi Isaac, Mary Kellerman, Darren Kirschman, Willie Myers, & Dave Potter.

Youth Committee
Mission: This Committee composed of six (6) to ten (10) members of the Summit community youth between the ages of seven (7) and seventeen (17), is established to advice the SCA Board of Directors of the needs and concerns of the youth in the Summit, so that the SCA Board of Directors may make and change polices that affect the youth in our community. This committee is responsible for recommending to the SCA Board of Directors, for approval, rules and regulations that impact the community youth. This committee will be the voice of the Summit youth and may present suggestions at the regular Monthly SCA Board of Director’s meeting. The Youth Committee’s meeting and activities of the youth will be funded to the extent provided in the SCA annual expense budget. The SCA Board of Directors will appoint an adult member to act as Youth Committee coordinator who will report activities to the SCA Board of Directors.
Angie Auila, Chairperson, Lucas Drysdale, Mia Franco, & Andi Mantor. Michael Bryant (sponsor).
Mission: Provides quality candidates to hold office on the Board. Candidates will be of the highest caliber, selected for interpersonal skills, dedication to the betterment of our Association and community, and free of any personal agenda
Mary Ann Game, Chair.  Michael Bryant, Auby Dellinger, James Glenn, Pat Hill and Jeff Lummel, Kristie O'Brian & Norm Stewart.
Teresa Rigon, (Chair), and Tim Kudlock